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A Dedicated R&D Unit in Each Division: Design


Altverse R&D: Long-term Service


We have an R&D department, a project management department, and efficient system processes to ensure fast development of electric grass mower.

Our complete production equipment and experienced technicians enable us to quickly bring our customers’ cutting-edge agencies to mass production. We not only provide customized electric grass mower but will also combine the customer’s market and guests to create unique electric grass mower for customers. In addition, we collect market feedback and insights to continuously improve our product experience and technology to make our R&D activities more efficient and effective.



We  have experience

Our Competences

  • In-depth industry & market report

With more than 25 years of experience in the customization industry and manufacturing technology, Altverse is able to offer high-tech and high-level capabilities to meet the different challenges of our customers.


  • Complete technology support

With our experienced R&D team and wealth of knowledge, we can quickly understand the target market of customers, provide them with electric grass cutter lawn mower procurement advice, and assist them in dealing with different cutting machinery technical problems.

What We Offer


We have our own R&D department, we make the customer’s concept quickly to mass production products, Helping customers grow in business.

Mechanical/ID Design


Structure Design

Development of motherboards and other components

Development of motherboards and other components


Electronic Design


Software Design

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