Commercial Robotic Lawn Mower for 2-5 Acres

Best Robotic Lawnmowers for Large Lawns 


Robot Lawn Mower: AN3000


3000 m² Working area capacity

50% Maximum incline within the working area

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Robot Lawn Mower for Business


 1 to 5-Acre properties solutions working area capacity

50% Maximum incline within the working area

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Robot Lawn Mower: AN5000

5000 m² Working area capacity

50% Maximum incline within the working area

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Robot Lawn Mower for Business

 1 to 5-Acre properties solutions working area capacity

50% Maximum incline within the working area

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Robot Lawn Mower: AN7000

7000 m² Working area capacity

50% Maximum incline within the working area

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Robot Lawn Mower for Commercial


 1 to 5-Acre properties solutions working area capacity

50% Maximum incline within the working area

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Commercial Robotic Lawn Mower for Business

The best-performing professional robot lawn mower comes from Chinese lawn mower manufacturer-Altverse
Altverse commercial robotic mowers can mow up to 26,000 m² of lawn, and our lawn mower robots can easily handle the huge lawn challenges of more extensive lawns, such as golf courses, sports fields, driving ranges, and public places. Learn about the low energy consumption of our commercial robot mower, the ability to adapt to various terrains, potholes, and steep slopes, and powerful performance to promote your business growth.

How Commercial Robot Lawn Mowers Work

Robotic lawn mowers require no driver or human assistance and are fully automated lawn care

Our commercial robot lawn mowers use GPS intelligent navigation and multi-sensor fusion, virtual boundaries to ensure efficient coverage of large lawn mower areas and intellectual obstacle avoidance

The commercial robot lawn mower uses a durable cutter head and can adjust the lawn mower height to suit different lawn conditions.

There is no need to add additional costs to process grass clippings. After commercial robots process the lawn, the grass clippings are directly used as a natural fertilizer, reducing maintenance costs.

Best Commercial Robot Mowers For Companies

Altverse commercial robot lawn mower can handle lawn mowing of 1 acre, 2 acres, 3 acres, 4 acres, or even large lawns up to 240 acres. It is the best lawn maintenance for golf courses, sports fields, businesses, parks, and private gardens. pruning tool

Comparison with Traditional commercial Lawn Mowers

Compared with traditional commercial lawn mowers, robotic commercial lawn mowers have significant advantages in helping lawn maintenance operators reduce lawn management costs and improve work efficiency.

Reduce Maintenance and Management Costs

Automatic commercial lawnmowers cost less than professional riding lawnmowers and do not require engine and other structures maintenance. Commercial robot lawnmowers have no maintenance costs. Robotic lawn mowing requires no manual interference, so you can hire fewer workers, helping you reduce labor and management costs. Commercial robot lawnmowers are the best choice for lawn managers in large venues.

Additional Functions to Meet Your Needs

Altverse large commercial mowers is simple and easy to use. It has an anti-theft system, automatic navigation, and automatic lawn mowing, remote control of lawn mower mowing, charging, etc., lawn mower schedule reminder, and other additional functions, helping large lawn service providers to cope with more frequent changes. much work

The Security System Protects Animals and Pets.

Our autonomous lawn mower for commercial have the most significant safety in body design and use. They are equipped with anti-theft prompts, fault alarms, and a safety protection system that will protect your body if the lawn mower rolls over and stops rotating immediately when the cutter head is lifted. Safety: the lawn mower’s chassis is designed with comb teeth like a fence, which can protect animals from entering the cutter head. Altverse’s unparalleled design and proven safety are commercial autonomous lawn mower worth investing in the most.

Key Features and Benefits

Robotic commercial lawn mowers are the next-generation solution for commercial lawns.

Save Labor Costs

Our commercial robotic lawn mowers requires no additional manual labor, reduces labor and management costs, and frees up resources to do other things.

Precise Cutting

Our commercial robotic mowers are equipped with more than ten sensors to ensure even and precise cutting, providing unparalleled mowing results for large lawns.

Environmentally Friendly

Our industrial robot lawn mower uses electricity, no gasoline required, and no carbon dioxide emissions; ultra-quiet lawn mower and air and noise pollution will not occur on commercial robot lawn mowing.


The industrial robotic lawn mower integrates more than ten kinds of sensors. It can avoid pets and children when mowing. At the same time, the chassis of the lawn mower is designed with comb teeth to prevent animals

What Customers Say About Robotic Commercial Lawn Mowers

Robotic commercial lawn mowers bring the most cost-effective lawn care solutions to lawn service providers and landscape maintenance providers

Using a commercial robotic lawn mower saves a lot of time and resources, and our customers are pleased with the results(John H. Founder)

Commercial robot lawn mowers for large courtyards bring unparalleled experience to lawn service providers like us.(Lenwood Miller.  business development)

The lawn is trimmed smoothly, and the robot lawn mower will not run over my lawn multiple times. It looks smart, can automatically plan the mowing path, and will not run over the same lawn twice.(Kenley Smith. Ceo)

Lawn mower for commercial give me the job of covering 1-5 acres of large lawns, reducing labor costs, and getting better returns.(Kenzie J. business Development)

After the emergence of industrial lawnmower, I abandoned my tractor. The maintenance cost of the tractor needs to be lowered. Commercial robot lawnmowers only require a small amount of electricity and can work 24/7.
(iden Brown. founder)


How do commercial robot lawn mowers need to be maintained?

Compared with tractor lawnmowers, commercial robot lawn mowers have almost no maintenance costs. They only require regular cleaning of the cutter disc. The lawn mower should be exposed to the sun, water, or rain for a short time to continue working for more than five years.

Can I customize the design of my professional lawnmower?

It can be realized. Altverse is a manufacturer of autonomous commercial lawn mower. Our R&D team and production workshop can provide customers with customization options, such as lawn mower body customization and wheel customization.

How to solve technical problems if they arise

Our after-sales technical service team will provide technical support to customers 24/7. We will go to the customer’s country to handle it if necessary.

Is this commercial grass cutter safe for pets and children?

Altverse commercial grass cutter are safe for children. The robot lawn mower uses a variety of sensor fusion technologies. When children and animals are detected, the commercial robotic lawn mower GPS will automatically bypass the robot. The commercial robot chassis is designed with comb teeth to ensure that children and animals are safe. Animals cannot reach the chassis, keeping children and animals safe.

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