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Welcome to altverse, your esteemed robot lawn mower Manufacturer belong to long-horn , backed by a decade of unparalleled experience in software and hardware domains.

With our robust R&D capabilities, we continuously innovate to create state-of-the-art robot lawn mowers tailored to your needs.

Our advanced manufacturing prowess ensures that each product is crafted with precision and efficiency. From concept to completion, trust altverse to deliver excellence in design, production, and performance.

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Types of Custom Robot Mower Solutions


Wireless Robot Lawn Mower For Individuals

We provider wireless robot lawn mower for individuals for lawn size from 100m2-4000 m2 garden.

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commercial robot lawn mower

Commercial Robot Lawn Mower For Business 

We provider commercial robot lawn mower for business for 1-5 acre lawn sizes.

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Oem lawn mower parts

Robot Lawn Mower Parts

We provider wire/corded robot lawn mower for individuals for lawn size from 100m2-4000 m2 garden.

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Robot Lawn Mower Design Details

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Integration of sensors for navigation and obstacle detection. 

Electronic Design:
Development of control algorithms for precise operation.
Implementation of a reliable power management system.
Mechanical Design:
Design of a robust chassis for durability and stability.
Engineering of an efficient cutting system for effective grass trimming.
Incorporation of a user-friendly grass disposal mechanism.
Safety Design:
Integration of collision avoidance sensors and systems.
Implementation of emergency stop mechanisms for user safety.
Incorporation of user presence detection features to prevent accidents.


Custom Robot Lawn Mower Benefits

Custom robot lawn mowers offer tailored solutions for efficient, precise, and eco-friendly lawn maintenance, saving time and effort while enhancing the overall appeal of your outdoor space.
Personalized Adaptation:
Custom robot lawn mowers can be tailored to the size, shape, and terrain of your lawn, ensuring effective trimming in every area and providing a solution perfectly matched to your lawn’s needs.
Efficient Time Savings:
Custom robot lawn mowers utilize the latest smart technologies such as GPS navigation, obstacle detection, and path planning, ensuring precise and efficient lawn trimming, day or night.
Smart Technology Application: Custom robot lawn mowers utilize the latest smart technologies such as GPS navigation, obstacle detection, and path planning, ensuring precise and efficient lawn trimming, day or night.

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Robot Lawn Mower FAQs


Wireless RTK Robot Lawn Mower:

Wireless RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) robot lawn mowers utilize advanced GPS technology to precisely navigate and map the lawn for efficient and accurate mowing. These mowers offer superior precision and coverage, making them ideal for large or complex lawn areas where precise navigation is essential.

Wired Robot Lawn Mower:

Wired robot lawn mowers operate within a predefined boundary set by a perimeter wire installed around the lawn. These mowers follow the wire’s path to navigate and mow the lawn systematically. While they may require initial setup, wired robot lawn mowers are cost-effective and suitable for smaller to medium-sized lawns with straightforward layouts.

Commercial Robot Lawn Mower:

Commercial robot lawn mowers are designed for professional landscaping and maintenance applications. These mowers are built to withstand heavy-duty use and are equipped with powerful motors, larger cutting blades, and enhanced navigation capabilities. They are suitable for large-scale lawn areas such as parks, sports fields, golf courses, and commercial properties.
  1. Personalized Lawn Mapping: We offer personalized lawn mapping services, where our experts assess your lawn’s size, shape, and terrain to create a customized mowing plan tailored to your specific needs. This ensures efficient coverage and precise mowing results.

  2. Adjustable Cutting Heights: Our robot lawn mowers come with adjustable cutting height options, allowing you to customize the grass length to your preference. Whether you prefer a shorter, manicured lawn or a slightly longer, natural look, we have you covered.

  3. Boundary Setting and Virtual Fencing: With our advanced boundary setting and virtual fencing features, you can define specific areas within your lawn where you want the robot mower to operate. This allows for precise control over the mowing area and helps prevent the mower from straying into flower beds, garden areas, or other off-limits zones.

  4. Smartphone Integration and Remote Control: Experience convenience like never before with smartphone integration and remote control capabilities. Our robot lawn mowers can be easily controlled and monitored via a dedicated mobile app, allowing you to adjust settings, schedule mowing sessions, and track progress from anywhere, anytime.

  5. Custom Branding and Logo Integration: For commercial clients and businesses, we offer custom branding and logo integration options. Showcase your company’s brand and identity by adding your logo to the robot lawn mower, creating a professional and personalized touch to your lawn care equipment.

  6. Specialized Accessories and Add-Ons: Enhance the functionality of your robot lawn mower with specialized accessories and add-ons tailored to your specific requirements. From rain sensors and automatic docking stations to mulching attachments and GPS tracking modules, we offer a range of customizable options to suit your needs.

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