Custom Lawn Mower Manufacturing

Altverse is Your Trusted All-in-One Lawn Mower Manufacturing Solution in China.


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Custom Lawn Mower Service

OEM/ODM Lawn Mower Services

The best china lawn mower manufacturers from design conceptualization to prototyping, our team will work closely with you to bring your custom mower vision to reality.

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Self-Owned Mower Factory

Self-Owned Mower Factory

Altverse has a 32000sq.m.self-owned lawn mower manufacturing companies, so we can reduce production costs and have full production technology to ensure lawn mower quality.

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Self-Owned R&D Team

Self-Owned R&D Team

Altverse’s self-owned custom mower R&D team has 10+ years of custom solution project experience and innovative designs that optimize performance and efficiency.

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About us

Your Trusted Lawn Mower Manufacturers


Altverse as one of the leading Chinese lawn mower manufacturers born under the Longhorn Group focused on OEM/ODM since 1995. With extensive experience in robot lawn mower R&D and exceptional manufacturing capabilities, collaboration possibilities are limitless.

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25 years ODM/OEM  experience


Over 200 highly qualified R&D teams


32000M² World-Class Factory

China’s Robot Lawn Mower Expert


Your Lawn Mower Brands, We Create.

As a professional robot lawn mower manufacturer in China, we are committed to manufacturing industry-leading and innovative robot lawnmowers and parts. Altverse specializes in the production of robot lawnmowers.

All our robot lawnmowers are certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO9O01, and other international standards.


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Custom RTK GPS Robot Lawn Mowers, Parts, PCBA 

As one of the largest lawn mower manufacturers in Shenzhen.China, Altverse Wholesale all kinds of lawn mowers, such as robot lawn mowers, corded lawn mowers, wireless lawn mowers, and lawn mower parts

Wireless Robot Lawn Mower 


Quick setup with No perimeter wire, app control, recharge, 50% slope,  In-App multi-zone management.

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Wired Robot Lawn Mower 

Quick setup with perimeter wire, app control, recharge, 50% slope,  In-App multi-zone management.

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Commercial Lawn Mower

  • For 1 to 5-Acre Properties Solutions

  • Sports, football,  and golf clubs
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Lawn Mower Parts

  • OEM/ODM lawn mower parts
  • wholesalelawn mower parts
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Custom lawn mower PCBA

  • Turnkey full PCBA solutions
  • Modified robot mower PCBA
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Lawn Mower Garage

  • Quick and easy installation
  • UV and weather protection
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Lets Create Your Mower Together!

Manufacturing Capability &Cost-Effective Robot Mower

Altverse is fully equipped with an advanced robot lawn mower assembly line. Our automated production lines include robot lawn mower memorable lines, SMT lines, Parts lines, engine-powered production lines, and more. Altverse has a 32000 sq.m robot lawn mower manufacturing plant. Altverse offers factory direct prices while maintaining the quality and stability of each robot lawn mower and parts.

Lawn Mower sample

Robotic Assembly Line


robot lawn mower manufacturer altverse injection molding services

CNC Machining Centers


robot lawn mower manufacturer altverse injection molding services

Injection Molding Machines



Metal Fabrication Tools


robot lawn mower manufacturer altverse smt line

Electronics Assembly Equipment



Testing and Quality Control Systems



Research and Development Facilities


lawn mower manufacturing

Skilled Workforce


altverse robot lawn mower manufacturer
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Altverse Lawn Mower Factory and Production


 Our factory covers more than 32,000 sq.m. with over 2000 staff, technical teams and factory workers. Altverse offers up to 800,000 sets of robot lawnmowers and parts’ annual production capacity. These sets of lawnmowers and parts include:

We produce lawnmowers and parts through CNC processing centers, injection molding machines, metal fabrication tools, electronics assembly equipment,die-casting machines, and more.


Robot Mower Quality Certifications

At Altverse, we assure you that we provide each robot mower is certified:
ISO9001, FCC, cTUVus, CCC, CE, and more.
In addition, Altverse assures all robot lawnmowers have safety certifications from CSA CUS, EMC, CE/GS, and others. Altverse adhered to quality requirements for enhanced output. We also have testing tools to assure product quality.
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Why Choose Us For Your ODM/OEM Partner

Altverse, a robotic lawn mower manufacturer headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Provides custom lawn mower solutions. It is a leading manufacturer specializing in custom robot lawn mowers.
Our dedication lies in the complete manufacturing process of robot mowers, providing a comprehensive suite of services. This includes top-notch ID design for robot lawnmowers, precise hardware and software design, structural planning, motherboard SMT labeling, mold production, reliability testing, customized assembly of lawnmowers, and seamless shipping solutions.

Can’t Find Ideal Lawn Mower For Your Industries?

Altverse ODM/OEM Partners


Altverse is China’s leading robot lawn mower manufacturer, robot mower parts, and PCBA manufacturer. We have Over 25 years of expertise in ODM/OEM services, delivering tailored solutions with extensive industry experience. We have around 80 professional PM personnel with over 100 successful projects(cooperation with Volkswagen, Samsung Korea, ExplayRussia, etc.

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