Small Lawn Mower Solutions

Altverse offers small lawn mower solutions, if you have small yard lawn mower needs or you are a landscape service looking for small yard lawn mower solutions, then our small compact lawn mower is perfect for you

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25yrs OEM/ODM Experience



Over 200 R&D engineers


Over 2000 line assembly employees



Own industrial park over 32000m²


AN1000 :Small Lawn Mower

  • Quick Setup With No Perimeter Wires
  • Cuts Up To 1000 sq.m Lawns
  •  50% Slope
  • In-App Multi-Zone Management
  • Obstacle Avoidance & Auto-Recharge
  • App Control Anywhere
  • Lawn Mower for Small Lawn
AN1000 Spec

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  • Quick Setup With No Perimeter Wires
  • Cuts Up To 3000 sq.m Lawns
  • 50% Slope
  • In-App Multi-Zone Management
  • Obstacle Avoidance and Auto-Recharge
  • App Control Anywhere
  • Quick Setup With No Perimeter Wires
  • Cuts Up To 1600 sq.m Lawns
  • 50% Slope
  • In-App Multi-Zone Management
  • Obstacle Avoidance and Auto-Recharge
  • App Control Anywhere

Safe and Smart, Protect Animals

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Our lawn mower is small and designed with comb teeth at a distance from the ground to prevent small animals from getting into the chassis of our small lawn mower and being harmed.

There are also a variety of sensors on the small lawn mower. If it encounters small animals, it will automatically bypass them and not crush them.

small lawn mower Feature

Features of Our Small Electric Lawn Mower


Best Lawn Mower for Small Yard No Signal Loss


Our lawn mower for small yard use RTK, multi-sensors, and our algorithm team, which has more than ten years of experience solving the current problems on the market of missing grass and not cutting the grass without a signal.

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Benefits of a Small Lawn Mower

robot mowe for small yard an1000

01.Compact design

Our electric lawn mower small are lightweight and easy to operate, specifically designed for tight spaces and small lawns

02. Cut the grass without missing a beat

Our small area lawn mower quickly turns around and cuts through any patch of grass on your lawn.

samll lawn mowe easy to storage

03. Easy to store

The compact design of the lawn mower for small spaces allows you to place it in the garage and inside the lawn mower canopy, even in small available spaces.

How to Choose the Right Small Lawn Mower


Discover the best compact  lawn mowers and efficient small-yard mower solutions. Explore compact designs and advanced features. Compact lawn mowers are tailor-made for lawn care in smaller spaces, with no wiring required and easy operation with an app. For lawn mowers, you can confidently choose our small lawn mower for your small yard care.

 Best small lawn mower

Customer Testimonials About Our Small Lawn Mower

I talked with Altverse until the transaction was completed. It only took two days. Altverse provided me with the perfect lawn mower for small lawn solution.

Susanna .Abbott

I am a landscape service provider. My customer base has tiny lawn areas ranging from 200 to 800 square meters. I found a suitable small area lawn mower solution for me in Altverse.



Safety is the most critical factor. There are comb teeth in the ground clearance of small space lawn mower to protect small animals. Small animals cannot get into the chassis of the lawn mower.

Dorey H

FAQs About Small Lawn Mower

Our lawn mower is shipped as a complete machine. After receiving it, you only need to follow the RTK antenna to use it.

The mowing height can be adjusted from 30-60mm to meet the mowing needs of most lawns.

Usually, our lawn mowers have a service life of more than ten years because we have a replaceable battery solution, and most of the accessories have a shelf life of over a few years.

Get the perfect small lawn mower for your small yard


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