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We provide gps robotic lawn mower all the functions you need to double your self driving lawn mower operating efficiency while reducing your operating costs. Altverse is your trusted gps robotic lawn mower manufacturers.


About Altverse

Altverse belong to Fdata Robot. Fdata Robot was founded in 2015 in China . and Altverse was founded in 2019 in China. Altverse to offer OEM/OEM robotic lawnmower product solution to the partners, the robotic lawnmower solution service covers everything from design, development, sourcing, and manufacturing. The partner has the flexibility to opt for a one-stop-shop robotic lawnmower solution or select specific services as needs, Fdata Robot is equipped to offer the partners tailored solutions to meet their unique needs.

With a focus on being flexible and innovative, Altverse empowers partners to bring their idea to life in a fast and cost-effective manner and supports them in staying ahead of the competition and achieving success.

Fdata robot is part of LongHorn Group, which is a technology holding company with headquarters located in Longhorn Technology Park, Longhua, Shenzhen. Longhorn group was founded in 1995 and has continued to grow and expand over its 28 years history, it has cultivated several leading specialized companies, including Longhorn Auto concentrated on automotive electronics industry, Longhorn IoT (stock code: 835721) with focus on the smart home industry, Fdata Robot specialized in the industrial service robot industry, and ALTverse is dedicated to consumer service robot such as gps robotic lawn mower industry.


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1995 Longhorn was founded to sell horn, microphone, other electronics
  • Start to adopt business unit model to operate different businesses.
  • The microphone business was separated to set up as a company called Horn Audio
  • The construction of Longhorn intelligent park was completed.
  • The business division Auto Electronics was established
  • Security business was split from longhorn, acquired by a public company in USA, renamed as CSST.
  • Global crisis arrived.
  • Sales for all business units start to soar.
  • Longhorn group set 5 years plan.
  • Longhorn auto was split and started to prepare for going public

Fdata Robot Division was established and started to R&D robots products


  • Longhorn acquired Yaoxin LED and rename it as longhorn LED.
  • Longhorn LED went public, Stock Code: 835721
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200+ R&D Team

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Our Culture


Our mission at Altverse is to revolutionize lawn care with advanced robot lawn mower solutions that simplify and enhance the outdoor maintenance experience while promoting sustainability.


Our vision is to lead the robot lawn mower industry with innovative solutions that redefine lawn care for a greener and more effortless future.



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