Robot Lawn Mower Without Perimeter Wire


AN1600 robot lawn mower without perimeter wire and no fear of the cable being cut by the lawn mower is the most careful choice for lawn care.

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25yrs OEM/ODM Experience



Over 200 R&D engineers


Over 2000 line assembly employees



Own industrial park over 32000m²


AN1600 : Robot Lawn Mower For Medium Lawn Size< 2000m2

  • Quick Setup With No Perimeter Wire
  • Smart App Control
  • AN1600 Cuts Up To 1600㎡ Lawns(Options 1000㎡ and 3000㎡)
  • Obstacle Avoidance & Auto-Recharge
  •  50% Slope
  • In-App Multi-Zone Management
  • Cutting Height: 30-60mm
  • Cutting Width: 210mm


AN1600 Spec

RTK Wireless Robot Mower For Sale

Robot lawnmowers without a boundary wire Centimeter-level accuracy RTK and IMU positioning for systematically mowing small, medium, and large areas without perimeter wire and no local fixed reference antenna.


Wireless Robot Mower Robot AN1000

Maximum lawn size: 1000㎡ 
Navigation pattern: Systematic


Cordless Robot Lawn Mower AN2000

Maximum lawn size: 2000㎡ 
Navigation pattern: Systematic


Wireless Robot Mower Robot AN3000

Maximum lawn size: 3000㎡ 
Navigation pattern: Systematic


AN1600 Wireless Robot Mower, Mowing Under Trees

Our algorithm team has more than ten years of experience, and they've served Volkswagen and the superpowers of our R&D team. They have solved the problem of signal loss and failure to work under trees and see how our wireless robot mower work AN1600 under the trees.

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Robot Lawn Mower Without Perimeter Wire,  Mowing is So Easy

See how our robot mower no boundary wire draw virtual boundaries, circumvent small animals when cutting lawn and green plants, protect your garden, have a planned route for grass-cutting, RTK and multi-sensor positioning, and precision grass cutting without missing any dead corners,robot lawn mower without wire with the most cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

No Wire

Robot Lawn Mower no Wire, Only Need to Drawing Virtual Boundaries With APP

Altverse's AN1600, the wireless robot mower utilising cutting-edge RTK technology, eliminates the need for manual boundary line setting. Once the virtual map is generated on the smart app, the AN1600 robot mower autonomously begins trimming individual lawns.

altverse vitual boundaries robot lawn mower
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Climb slop

Climb up to 50% Slope

The wireless robotic mower AN1600 effortlessly manages 50% slopes and navigates challenging terrain without getting stuck. With powerful drive motors and off-road tires designed for rough terrain, it outperforms mowers with smaller wheels, effortlessly handling steep slopes and rugged landscapes.
RTK position

Highly Accurate Position with RTK Technology

Cordless robotic mower AN1600, with advanced RTK technology, accurately locates itself in real-time, creating precise maps of its environment for centimetre-level navigation.

avoid obstacles

Avoid Obstacles, Avoid Trouble

Altverse cordless lawn mower uses three pairs of ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles ahead. When an obstacle is detected, the cordless lawn mower adjusts its direction to avoid collision and ensure the safety of both parties.

Natural Fertilizer

 Natural Fertilizer

Small cordless lawn mower AN1600 battery powered, low noise, zero emissions, the entire working process is very peaceful and friendly to the surrounding environment.

lawn mower app
  • what can app do

Controlled By A User-Friendly App

  1. Display real-time mowing progress and estimated completion time
  2. Adjust mower cutting height
  3. Adjust mowing speed
  4. Edit mowing schedules: Add/Delete/Modify/Rename
  5. Set virtual boundaries/prohibited zones/multi-zone mower settings
  6. Display real-time mower status and error messages
  7. reminder function (mowing date and fault alerts)
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easy to use lawn mower

How To Use a no Boundary Wire Robot Mower With an App?

See how our no boundary wire robot mower draw boundaries on the smart app, reduce your wire workload and help you cut the lawn efficiently

Download our no perimeter wire robot mower app on your mobile phone

Boot the no wire robot mower and the mobile phone for Bluetooth matching

Set the charging pile on your phone


Draw the virtual boundary the lawn on your cell phone, that is, the virtual border, and draw the no-go-zone (do not let the grinder enter places, such as tables, tramps, or yoga pads)

Click the mow, the wireless robot lawn mower can automatically grind

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Wireless Robot Mower




Altverse wireless robot mower AN1600 are the next generation of lawn care products. With our wireless robot mower, you can reduce the number of employees required for the work of landscape contractors and lawn service providers, processing the lawn wire and reducing the service costs; for lawn individuals, the same lawn will reduce 50% of the working time on lawn maintenance on top.

Altverse robot mower without perimeter wire AN1600 can manage multiple lawnmowing areas simultaneously. The Altverse wireless lawn mower will bring new opportunities to lawn services and landscape contractors, reducing the cost of artificial wiring and increasing profits.
We'll bring you the lawnmower.


▸ Reduce working hours
▸ Lower cost of hiring employees
▸ lower management costs
▸ Get your high-value talent to work with high-value
▸ Sustainable development, using electricity to protect the environment
▸ Intelligent management of lawns
factory direct wholesale wireless lawn mower

Wireless Lawn Mowers for Sale

Altverse cordless lawn mowers for sale  to brand, dealers, landscape care companies, and lawn maintenance companies. can reduce the cost of their managerial staff, the best grass mowing experience is at altverse lawn mower manufacturers


Advantages of Robot Lawn Mower Without Perimeter Wire

Exploring the Benefits of Perimeter-Wire-Free Robot Lawn Mower: Effortless Operation & Seamless Navigation

Tech specs


We offer corresponding models of wireless robot mower tailored to different lawn sizes. Whether it's a large lawn or a small one, we provide the perfect solution for each, ensuring optimal performance.


  • Lawn Size: 1000㎡
  • Cutting Height: 30-60mm
  • Cutting Width: 210mm
  • Battery Capacity: 4Ah

AN1000 Spec


  • Lawn Size: 1600㎡
  • Cutting Height: 30-60mm
  • Cutting Width: 210mm
  • Battery Capacity: 6Ah

AN1600 Spec


  • Lawn Size: 3000㎡
  • Cutting Height: 30-60mm
  • Cutting Width: 210mm
  • Battery Capacity: 8Ah

AN3000 Spec

What Our Clients Say

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 I purchased a robot lawn mower without perimeter wire from altverse and am currently testing the sample. If there is no problem with the sample, I will customize my own lawn mower brand. Altverse is a trustworthy lawn mower manufacturer.

I'm seeking robot lawn mower without perimeter wire manufacturers in China to produce my lawnmower, aiming to reduce costs. Altverse, with its manufacturing facility and R&D team, seems to be my best choice.

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lawn mower manufacturer altverse cooperation partner volkswagen

Robot Lawn Mower Without Perimeter Garage


Wholesale all kinds of lawn mower Garage

Lawn Mower Storage

  • Quick and easy installation
  • UV and weather protection
  • Automatic cleaning mower

Lawn Mower Storage

  • Quick and easy installation
  • UV and weather protection
  • Automatic cleaning mower

Lawn Mower Storage

  • Quick and easy installation
  • UV and weather protection

Robot Lawn Mower Without Perimeter Wire Accessories

Discover the perfect parts to optimize your lawnmower's performance and durability at Wholesale Parts Direct. We also provide OEM mower parts, OEM mower blades, custom lawn mower bodies, wheels, and parts services.

RTK Reference Station Extension Cable (10m)


RTK Reference Station Power Supply Adapter

Custom Robot Lawn Mower no Wire Parts

Mow Easy


Altverse, help you designing and manufacturing your own lawn mower brand, providing a factory for mower production and technical support."

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