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Altverse is a Chinese OEM/ODM robot lawn mower manufacturer in Shenzhen. We supply all types of lawnmowers, including wireless robot mowcomers, wired robot lawnmowers, commercial robot lawnmowers, and Custom lawnmowers. Our robot lawn mower is suitable for commercial applications such as football, golf and residential applications for gardens.

Chinese Robot Lawn Mower Manufacturer


Altverse is a leading robot lawn mower manufacturer from China. Our core strength lies in being a distinguished ODM collaborator, propelling businesses toward realizing your visions with speed and cost efficiency.

Born under the LongHorn Group, a technology pioneer since 1995, we inherit an experience of ODM. Our team comprises seasoned robotic experts united by a shared passion: to bring your robotic dreams to life. With a perfect blend of experience and fresh perspectives, we become a trusted robot lawn mower solution provider.

Altverse is more than a mere solution provider, we are catalysts for transformation. Let’s shape the future of lawn care together!

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Introducing the all-new

 Robotic Lawn Mowers: Redefining Precision and Convenience

Explore our range of advanced robotic lawn mower with cutting-edge RTK-GNSS and multi-sensor navigation systems, ensuring unparalleled precision. With exceptional off-road capability and smart app connectivity, these lawn mower robot efficiently manage multiple zones, working under trees and meticulously trimming edges for a flawless lawn. Discover the continuous innovation and reinvented connectivity that elevates these machines for hassle-free maintenance.

Best RTK Robotic Lawn Mower for Sale


Wireless Robot Lawn Mower AN1000

Cuts up To 1000㎡ Lawns, Quick setup with No perimeter wire

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Wired Robot Lawn Mower

Cuts up To 1000㎡ Lawns, Quick setup with perimeter wire

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Wireless Robot Lawn Mower AN1600

Cuts up To 1600㎡ Lawns, Quick setup with No perimeter wire

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Wired Robot Lawn Mower

Cuts up To 1600㎡ Lawns, Quick setup with perimeter wire

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Wireless Robot Lawn Mower AN3000

Cuts up To 3000㎡ Lawns, Quick setup with No perimeter wire

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Wired Robot Lawn Mower 

Cuts up To 3000㎡ Lawns, Quick setup with perimeter wire

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RTK Robot Lawn Mowers Accessories

Automated Lawn Mower Accessories

Accessories include a battery extension wire, charger, RTK antenna, blade, charging station, and ground nail.

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Automated Lawn Mower Garage

Automated lawn mower rain shelves can help the computerized lawn mower cover the wind, rain, dust, and direct sunlight and protect the appearance of the robotic lawn mower.

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Automated Lawn Mower Garage

The next-generation intelligent lawnmower garage, equipped with automatic cleaning functionality for lawnmowers, is the most advanced intelligent lawnmower garage available.

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The Lawn Robot Mower Won’t Lose Signal And Will Continue Mowing Even Under Trees.

Our lawn robot mower, integrated with RTK and multiple sensors alongside our proprietary algorithms, ensure precise positioning. They excel even in complex environments, such as beneath trees with weak signals. Our auto lawn mower robot team dedicates continuous effort to address signal loss issues, enabling uninterrupted operation day and night.


Robot Lawn Mower


  • Smart APP Draws Virtual Boundary
  • Maximum Slope 50%
  • Cutting Height 30-60mm
  • Cutting Width 210mm
  • APP Adjustable Height Adjustable
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Powerd by Robot Lawn Mower

Altverse’s robot lawn mowers prioritize cutting-edge technology and safety. Designed by the Altverse Mowers team and manufactured at our robot mower factory, our R&D team holds over a decade of experience in autonomous driving and robotics. Our smart lawn mower bring a completely new lawn care experience to you.

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Operated via an Effortless and User-Friendly App

  • Adjust Mowing Speed
  • Adjust cutting height
  • Customise Striping Direction and Overlap Width
  • Monitor Live Mowing Progress and Estimated Completion Time
  • Modify, Add, Delete, or Rename Mowing Plans
  • Access Real-Time Mower Status and Fault Messages
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Advantages of Autonomous Mower

Experience Hands-Free Lawn Care With Our Robot Lawn Mowers, Simplifying Lawn Maintenance For You.

Mobile Boundary Setting

Unlike traditional mowers, our robot lawn mowers do not require physical boundary wires around the lawn. Draw virtual boundaries for your lawn via our robotic grass cutter app, reducing labor and wire costs for a more effortless and efficient mowing experience.

Robot Lawn Mower  won’t repeatedly roll over the lawn

Our smart lawn mower algorithm team directs the automatic lawn mower robot in a specific pattern, utilizing a systematic zigzag mowing path to prevent repeated lawn compression, ensuring a more visually appealing lawn.

Protection of Garden Greenery

The automatic lawn mower robot autonomously identifies garden flowers and trees, maneuvering around them to avoid damage to the garden’s plants.

No-Mow Zone Planning

the automatic mower easily designate areas such as tables or flower beds as no-mow zones via the app, guiding the mower to bypass these regions during mowing operations.

Anti-Theft Security

Equipped with anti-theft systems, the automated lawn mower emits alerts if it leaves the yard, sending notifications to your mobile device to prevent theft.

Multi-Area Management

The automatic mower effortlessly manage multiple zones within your yard using the mower app, allowing seamless operation and management across various areas.

Weather Sensing

Our automatic lawn mower automatically halt mowing during rain or snow, returning to the garage to protect your lawn from being trampled.

Robotic Lawn Mower at One Stop

lawn mower manufacturing

We’re not just making robot lawn mower; we’re also making the robot lawn mower’ accessories. We provide phased requirements to different customers, such as automatic lawn mower design, circuit version improvement and development, SMT stickers, product certification, etc. business, follow the needs of our customers, we offer phased service, this can only be done in the alternative, and we have accumulated 25 years of ODM and OEM experience, which is also an important factor in serving our customers well.

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  Custom Your Robot Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower sample

According to customer needs and requirements, we can provide customers with various robot lawn mower custom options, including shape and size, color, custom lawn mower bodies, custom lawn mower wheels, motherboard, etc. From design, R&D, SMT, mold, etc., we can help customers in different stages.

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