After-Sales Care

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Service throughout the entire lifespan of your product

If you have any questions about the lawnmowers and services, our after-sales support team will be able to help you, and our post-sale service will return the lawnmowers from the start of the project.

Our technicians will also work with you in a very short time to understand your market needs and take care of your problems and interests. Our after-sales team is not only an expert in the lawnmowers but also a designer with more than 10 years of experience to provide you with any additional design guidance and service.

Take care of your project. End-to-end.

Fast and personalized service

Our skilled service team attends to each of your needs and follows up with the quickest turnaround times and highest-quality electric robot lawn mower solutions.

Pre-After Service

Altverse provides you with professional electric robot lawn mower solutions. You will receive satisfactory samples, and then there will be a dedicated technical team to serve your electric robot lawn mower project.

Warranty coverage

Our electric mower robot have different insurance terms and requirements according to accessories, so we can provide customers with a flexible warranty and help customers with less after-sales burden.

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Need support? We’re 24/7/365 at your service!

We have established a complete after-sales service department to help solve any problems you encounter after the purchase and provide subsequent technical support. Trustworthy partnerships are the values on which we rely to survive in China. If you need help, please contact our team.

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